• Training Mendoza


    Trends – Creative sector

    Location: Mendoza
    Adress to: Architectural Firms.
    Topic: Personalized activity addressed to architecture and construction workers, which will focus on the latest trends in melamine boards.
    Objective: Offer design professionals melamine boards with cutting-edge decors and textures for their projects.
  • Incentive Industrial Plant


    Incentive – Sadepan Emociona

    Location: Sadepan Industrial Plant – Concepción del Uruguay. Adress to: Manufacturers from Rosario – Cañada de Gómez – Santa Fe. Topic: Creative activity with the product – exchange of contents – color combinations, applying the latest trends to the reality of each customer. Objective: Allow the customer to come into direct contact with the product and make creations using catalog colors and textures.
  • Buenos Aires Sales


    Personalized in customer´s stores. Sales online.

    Location: Greater Buenos Aires.
    Adress to: Personalized training in customers’ stores.
    Topic: Product technical specifications, catalog characteristics, combinations, colors, answers to customer’s questions and needs, In-store selling, Online selling.
    Objective: Train our customers in product-related concepts so that they can give a quick answer to their users.
  • Bariloche Sells


    Marketing instructive guidelines

    Location: Bariloche.
    Topic: Instructive guidelines for product complement and for each color and texture.
    Objective: Provide guidance to the store seller on marketing contents about each catalog color for a more fluent and complete sale.
  • El Bolsón – Río Negro


    El Bolsón – Río Negro

    Location: El Bolson- Rio Negro.
    Adress to: Professionals of the sector, users of the product.
    Topic: New trends, applications, uses, optimization of the product.
  • Product Tucuman



    Location: Tucumán.
    Adress to: Professionals of the sector, architects, carpenters, designers, distributors.
    Topic: New trends, applications, uses, optimization of the product.
  • Trainings – Mar del Plata


    Tendencias- Profesionales creativos/ arquitectos/ diseñadores

    Locación: Mar del Plata
    Convocatoria: Estudios de Arquitectura_Diseño de interiores
    Tema:Actividad de capacitación personalizada a estudios de diseño, con nuevoas tendencias en colores, texturas, combinaciones en decorativos de tableros melamínicos.
    Objetivo:Brindar herramientas útiles sobre el producto, para el diseñador o profesional relacionado al proyecto de espacios y equipamientos.
  • Technical Trainig Bolivia


    Thecnical Training

    Location: Santa Cruz – Bolivia.
    Adress to: Sector users.
    Topic: Presentation on product cutting specifications.
    Objective: Provide tools to achieve the best use of the product.