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    Sadepan launches a new line of decorative designs,
    “POTENZA line”.
    Woodgrain designs that communicate concepts of “Strength- Energy- Evolution”, these are uniques typologies with character and personality.

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    TEXTURE LAUNCH: “Valiant texture”

    Sadepan launches a new texture “Valiant”.
    This is a unique surface finish that captures the sensitivity of each decorative design.
    This special texture combines some linear streaks with rustic surface, achieving a visual appeal

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    Sadepan certified as “SMOKE FREE INSTITUTION” 31.05.2016

    Sadepan certified as “Smoke Free Institution” at a ceremony in Government Parana House in the Smoke Free World Day, where the Health Minister Dr. Ariel De la Rosa has granted recognition.
    The decision to obtain this certification is based on guidelines from the World Health Organization in order to reduce the tobacco consumption.

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    Sadepan participated at the 5th. Solidarity Marathon of ALCEC (Concepción del Uruguay- Entre Ríos) 23.04.2016

    The 5th Solidarity Marathon “We are all ALCEC” was held in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Rios, at 23.04.2016, with 2700 people.
    Sadepan was one of the sponsors of the event, accompanying the initiative “HEALTHY LIFE”.


    Sadepan Thrills

    Sadepan creates a space for design lovers.

    In a BLOG format, Sadepan includes ideas, trends, fashion, DIY, styles, colors, combinations, spaces, and international personalities that narrate their experiences through their sectors and how the melamine board impacts on their work.

    The melamine board and the world of design at creative professionals’ disposal.

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    Choose to be unique

    In addition to the range of products of the Sensazioni, Piacere, Ragazzi and Semplice lines, you will be able to acquire, under certain conditions, exclusive melamine designs to develop your innovative projects.
    Sadepan gives you the chance to have a unique decorative design, which will allow you to provide your products with a hallmark of distinction in the marketplace, ensuring all the elegance, trend and vanguard of the “ITALIAN DESIGN”.

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    Occupational Health and Safety Management System

    Renewal: 17-01-2016

    Certification Body: SGS.

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    AWARD-FIMAR (Córdoba-Argentina 2017)

    Our client, Dielfe has been awarded at Fimar (International Furniture Fair- Córdoba, Argentina 2017),in the “Best Product: Circular Tables- Industrial Line” category.
    All the furniture of this  industrial line has been developed with a Sadepan decoratived design ATAKAMA TM4 –  Potenza line(*), accompanied by the VALIANT texture(*).


    (*)Collection Launch 2016-2017