Sadepan Latinoamericana is a Company dedicated to habitat improvement.

Our mission is to fulfill all the expectations and needs of our customers by improving the quality of our products and the efficiency of our processes on a continuous basis, with practices and decisions that guarantee social and environmental respect, a fair reward to our shareholders, and the proper development of our workers.



We aspire to be recognized as a leading Company in the market of melamine particleboards worldwide, managing our business within a framework of social, ethical and environmental respect towards our workers, customers, suppliers and the community, in complete harmony with the environment, so as to contribute to sustainable development.


Corporate Values

Sadepan Latinoamericana S.A. develops a Corporate Policy based on the following Business Principles:

Legal and Ethical Behaviour

We undertake to observe, at a minimum, the laws of the region where we operate. However, we believe that, many times, this is necessary, but not enough, for which reason we will make our best efforts so that all our decisions and actions, whether at individual or corporate level, are taken within a framework of unquestionable ethics and in agreement with international rules on corporate behaviour. Due to our activities, we will avoid participating in political or religious matters.

Economic Results

One of our objectives is to create economic value, generating appropriate profits for our shareholders. For such purpose, we carry out our activity within a market economy in which we defend the value of competition as a way of self-improvement. When making decisions on investments, the criteria we will use will include social and environmental aspects in a balanced way.

Our Customers

All our efforts will be aimed at anticipating and meeting the changing needs of our customers, considering them as essential for the success of our business. For such reason, we commit ourselves to keeping a transparent, ethical and continuous dialogue with them.

Our Workers

We will value all our workers as persons, and our relationship will be based on respect. We will encourage both professional development and personal progress in a balanced way, promoting continuous training and motivation at all levels. We will not accept any kind of harassment or bullying of our workers by anyone.

We will ensure a safe and healthy workplace, and will never discriminate against race, religion, sex, nationality, age or political ideas.

Our Community

Sadepan Latinoamericana recognizes that social responsibility is one of the basic principles of long term success and the means to create a sustainable development. We will promote an open and serious interrelationship with the different social actors, encouraging clear and transparent communication and open and constructive dialogue, especially in subjects of common interest.

For this reason, we will follow an “Open Door Policy” with the community.

Individual Behaviour

Sadepan Latinoamericana expects exemplary behaviour from each and every of its workers. This implies values such as integrity, honesty and respect, which are applicable both inside and outside the Company. Any kind of bribery will be considered unacceptable. Our workers must avoid any situation that may result in a conflict of interest between their personal activities and the Company’s business. Our workers must not accept any kind of excessive hospitality or gifts which could place them in a compromising situation.

They must keep any information received by reason of their work in the Company confidential and make their best effort to keep the company’s assets safe.

Health, Security and Environment

It will always be vitally important for us to carry out our processes by means of operating practices that reduce the environmental impact so as to ensure a sustainable development of our activities. We will work systematically and constantly to improve the quality of the work environment of our workers.

Our Suppliers and Representatives

We aspire to be recognized as a Company where everyone gets ethical, fair and respectful treatment. We will promote the application of these Business Principles among all those who do business with Sadepan Latinoamericana.