Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

SADEPAN LATINOAMERICANA S.A., which is committed to a continuous search for quality and excellence, RATIFIES as basic premises:

  1. Ensure that all its work activities are carried out in proper safety conditions, contributing to the health of its employees and the community.
  2. Comply with all applicable legal requirements and any other requirements the company adheres to, strive for a continuous improvement of the environmental performance, minimize the production of waste, and prevent contamination and any adverse impact on the environment.

Commitments and Responsibilities to achieve the goal:

  • All accidents can and must be prevented.
  • Prevention of occupational hazards, compliance with safety rules and protection of the environment constitute a commitment for all the employees of the company and those who are temporarily in the company. Further, this is an employment condition.
  • The protection of health is a primary responsibility of everyone and at any level. This must be assumed in the development of each one’s activity, cooperating with the company’s efforts.
  • Preventing risks is as important as quality, productivity and costs.
  • Integrate the preservation of lives and property into any work activity.
  • Participate actively in prevention programs and goals.
  • Implement prevention by means of safe attitudes.
  • Ensure order and cleanliness as a fundamental characteristic for the prevention of occupational hazards.
  • Put special emphasis on:
    – Conservation of natural resources
    – Control of gaseous emissions
    – Control of liquid effluents
    – Waste reduction, reuse and recycling
    – Rational use of energy


Strict compliance with this policy will be an obligation owed at all levels of the company, irrespective of the function carried out or the position held, whose primary goal is to achieve individual and collective welfare of all persons who are part of it.

Quality Policy

In its continuous search for Corporate Excellence, Sadepan Latinoamericana S.A. has set up a Quality Management System to manufacture and commercialize its products, on the basis of the following premises:

  • Recognize that meeting our customers’ needs on a consistent basis, as well as surpassing their expectations, constitutes a commitment to the entire staff.
  • Involve each and every integral member of the company in the fulfillment of this Policy, permanently assessing, motivating and training the Organization in order to favor teamwork and personal development.
  • Promote a management system focused on quality and continuous improvement processes, as a way of guaranteeing the Company’s future; produce positive economic results and satisfy shareholders.
  • Establish a degree of mutual cooperation and commitment with all our suppliers and contractors as far as the quality of their products and services is concerned.

Human Resources Policy

Sadepan Latinoamericana S.A. has established the following guidelines to develop a Human Resources Policy, which represents a mutual commitment between the Company and its employees, on the basis of the following premises:

  • Value all our employees without exception, especially as persons, respecting their creativity and initiative, and inviting them to be always committed to teamwork, the management of the Company and the business success.
  • Encourage both professional and personal development, consolidating leadership positions, optimizing performance and creating relationships based on mutual respect.
  • Promote alternative labour dispute resolution systems, aimed at fostering institutional harmony and creating bonds of trust among its employees.

Social Responsibility Policy

Sadepan Latinoamericana S.A. commits itself to creating value through a Triple Bottom Line management system, integrating environmental and social aspects into the economic performance.

Consistently with our mission, vision and corporate values, we consider Sustainable Development as the cornerstone of our corporate strategy, for which purpose we carry out all our activities within a framework of social, environmental and ethical respect towards our groups of interest: shareholders, customers, employees, community and suppliers.

We consider that communicating our performance in relation to sustainability is one of the basics of transparency. For that reason, we promote an open, constructive and serious dialogue, through an open door policy with our stakeholders and a policy of regular communication as regards our progress.