Gruppo Mauro Saviola

Sadepan Latinoamericana S.A. 
is part of the Gruppo Mauro Saviola, a complex industrial system of productive activities and services that employs more than 1,500 people in several operations. Founded in Italy in 1963, the Gruppo Mauro Saviola is currently the largest producer of particleboard panels in Italy and one of the leaders worldwide, with the peculiarity of being the world’s unique producer that has been using for several years recycled wood as exclusive raw material, which turns it into the unquestionable pioneer in sustainable development, reaffirming also that the environmental care is a central matter for the Holding.

On the other hand, it is the largest producer of chemical raw material for board industry in Europe, with productive plants in Italy and Belgium.

That same philosophy of work, innovation and environmental care, is the one that Sadepan Latinoamericana S.A. offers to the industrial and professional sectors of the markets where it operates in.

The Gruppo is made up of 9 companies linked by a strong synergy, with production plants in Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, and Argentina.